Projects for SPEAR

These are things I have worked on as a member of SPEAR. I'm not going to go into too much detail, or include source files.

Currently I am the controls team lead, and will be until June (ish) 2020.

Link to SPEAR's website.

Link to SPEAR's GitHub.

2019 Rover Redesign

For the 2018/2019 rover design, we used CAN to do all the low level control and data flow. Each controller board (1 board per motor, sensor, etc) will be running a libcanard UAVCAN node. This node will be running on an stm32f1 or f3 series processor, using baremetal C.

There is a ton of work being done on all the different nodes in the system. I've dipped my hands into all of them so far (either doing a board review and making suggestions or redoing parts), and we are continuing to develop more as we get closer to competition.

The repository for the PCB designs is here, and the repository for the firmware is here.

This redesign was a "success", however it did not get quite done in time to be ready before CIRC 2019, and then we blew our only TX2 and forgot the CAN hat for our raspberry Pi, so we lost CAN bus. Lesson learned: have backups of your main computer :).

2020 Re-work

In terms of firmware, we switched over to ChibiOS, to give us a bit of an easier time producing timing-aware systems.

Hardware wise, we are simplifying the rover, and actually finishing the power distribution this time, so it won't be as much of a rat's nest.